‘Elden Ring: Survival Mode’ makes life in The Lands Between even harder

If 'Elden Ring' wasn't tough enough for you, having to contend with hunger, thirst and the weather might do the trick

Launched today (June 7), Elden Ring: Survival Mode is a mod for FromSoftware‘s game that means players have to contend with everyday dangers ranging from hunger and thirst to crafting their own weapons.

As detailed on Nexus Mods, Elden Ring: Survival Mode acts similarly to the survival modes found in games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim: Special Edition. This means that anyone who downloads the mod will have to contend with finding food and water for their characters and curing any diseases they catch.

The mod also brings several changes that are more common in hardcore games such as Rust and Ark: Survival Evolved: there are no weapons to find or buy – instead, players must craft everything themselves. As an added touch, night time in Elden Ring will be much darker in Survival Mode – meaning players might be better off spending their nights by Sites of Grace.


However, each of these features are optional – meaning players can pick and choose which parts of the mod they would like to play with.

Elden Ring: Survival Mode was created by Grimrukh, a modder who is best known for creating Dark Souls mod Daughters Of Ash and co-creating Dark Souls: Nightfall. To share what fans can expect from their latest mod, Grimrukh shared a trailer which you can watch below.

Instructions on installing Elden Ring: Survival Mode can be found here. The page notes that you can use either Mod Engine 2 or UXM to get it working, and says Easy AntiCheat must be disabled for it to work properly – though Mod Engine 2 does this automatically.

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