Electric Saint is the new studio determined to make “weird shit”

The studio was formed by ‘Fall Guys’’ art lead Anna Hollinrake and Flavourworks co-founder Pavle Mihajlović

Former Fall Guys art lead Anna Hollinrake has announced her new studio with Flavourworks co-founder Pavle Mihajlović.

Electric Saint was founded in Autumn 2022 and is on a mission to make “games for underserved audiences,” according to a press release. It has since been a part of the London Games Accelerator, and a recipient of the UK Games Fund.

“We started Electric Saint to make ambitious, heartfelt games,” said creative director Hollinrake. “We care about building dynamic, joyful worlds that are full of light and life, and telling inclusive stories within them. We want Electric Saint to be a beacon of high quality, emotionally resonant, ethical and sustainable game development.”


“I want to make weird shit until I die,” she added.

Electric Saint founders Anna Hollinrake and Pavle Mihajlović

“We embrace new technologies and draw from our collective history in emotive-driven game development to achieve lasting, impactful experiences that were formerly only possible for much larger teams,” added technical director Mihajlović.

“With new developments in engine technology, and players showing how much they’re willing to support games created by smaller teams, we think that there is a space to give an underserved audience an experience that used to belong to large triple-A teams.”

Electric Saint has yet to confirm its first title, though fans can sign up to a mailing list.

Hollinrake was also recognised as a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit in 2017 and worked as art director on the BBC animated show Love Monster.


Speaking to NME about the 2023 BAFTA Breakthrough program, the chair of BAFTA’s Games Committee Tara Saunders said: “Breakthrough plays a critical role in showcasing talent and career pathways in the creative sector, which is a big part of BAFTA’s mission as an arts charity.”

“In the games industry we often celebrate teams and not individuals, so Breakthrough is a fantastic opportunity for creatives that are at the cusp of their career to be recognised and supported on that journey.”

According to Saunders, the BAFTA Breakthroughs aim to “inspire the next generation of developers,” while the jury in charge of selecting participants is keen to “support and champion” the talent they find.

In other news, Steam Next Fest 2023 has officially launched, giving gamers the opportunity to play roughly 900 demos over the next seven days.

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