Elijah Wood wants to make a ‘Grand Theft Auto’ movie

The actor also spoke about the return of Resident Evil and how horror games, like Silent Hill, are scarier than movies

Elijah Wood, the star of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, has said he would love to adapt Grand Theft Auto into a film.

During a new episode of Hot Ones with First We Feast, a YouTube interview series where celebrities chat and eat spicy wings, the actor chatted with host Sean Evans about his video game background, from being the voice of Spyro the Dragon as well as appearing in God Of War 3.

Sean Evans then went on to ask Wood if there is a game he thinks is ready to be adapted to the big screen.


“The universe of GTA lends itself beautifully to a screen adaptation or a tv show,” Wood responded. “I mean, I think Vice City could be amazing although that already is sort of inspired by Miami Vice. But, GTA V I mean, the kinds of characters that are present within the context of that game very much lends itself either to a film or a tv series, that would be amazing.”

The actor also spoke on the return of Resident Evil, saying that he thought it was “a shame” the film series didn’t lean on the world that was established in the game but is looking forward to the latest adaptation.

On the topic of horror games, Evans and Wood also spoke on how they differ from horror films, with Wood saying that video games are an “immersive experience” whereas films are “passive”.

“There are moments playing sequels of Silent Hill that were genuinely disturbing to play. You’re not sitting back and watching something, you are making the choice to go down that hallway… I think in that sense there is a level of suspense and sort of, within the context of the interactivity that maybe makes it more scary.”

Matt Damon also recently appeared on Hot Ones and spoke about his love for the classic PC adventure game, Myst, also saying that he was approached to lend his voice and likeness to the 2008 PS3 and Xbox 360 title The Bourne Conspiracy.


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