Epic Games reportedly offered Sony $200million for PC ports of PlayStation games

A new leaked document also claimed that the company had also allegedly approached Microsoft and Nintendo

Epic Games had reportedly offered to pay Sony Interactive Entertainment US$200million for PC ports of PlayStation-exclusive games.

According to a new leaked document, which was included in the ongoing Epic Games vs Apple trial (as seen on Resetera), the Fortnite developer had reportedly been targeting Sony for potential deals for the Epic Games Store. The document claimed that Epic had offered Sony US$200million for four to six titles and had been awaiting the consolemaker’s response.

It’s currently unknown if Epic Games ended up sealing the deal with Sony and if the terms had remained the same. As noted by PC Gamer, only two Sony-published games have made it exclusively to the Epic Games Store so far: ReadySet Heroes and Predator: Hunting Grounds.


The document also revealed that Epic Games had also allegedly approached Microsoft and Nintendo for potential content deals. It stated that the leader of Microsoft’s PC Game Pass subscription service was “against” what Epic was offering, and claimed that the tech giant was also “effectively bidding against us for content”.

The leaked report also claimed that Xbox head Phil Spencer and Valve boss Gabe Newell were having meetings at the time. On the other hand, Epic Games had described the idea of acquiring exclusive Nintendo content as a “moonshot” and a “non-starter”.

Earlier this month, another leaked document from the Epic vs Apple trial revealed supposed plans for high-profile in-game concerts featuring Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga. Other crossovers, such as Samus Aran from Metroid, anime character Naruto, The Bride from the Kill Bill films and more were also reportedly in the works.