‘Escape From Tarkov’ 12.12 patch notes – the wipe, Lighthouse, new enemies and more

'Escape From Tarkov' has been wiped for the launch of patch 12.12

Escape From Tarkov patch 12.12 has been released alongside a full wipe, and Battlestate Games has shared a full list of patch notes detailing what new content players can expect.

Patch 12.12 is one of the biggest updates to Escape From Tarkov in awhile, and brings with it a host of new content. This also means that Escape From Tarkov has been wiped today (December 12) and every player’s progress has been reset.

The biggest addition is the Lighthouse map, which Battlestate Games showcased in a new trailer earlier in the week. The map also brings new quests to complete and a previously-unseen type of enemy, called Rogues. These enemies are significantly tougher than the average Scav and use entrenched machine guns and grenade launchers to aggressively defend the water treatment plant on Lighthouse. BEAR players can expect to be shot on sight by these Rogues, however USEC players will at least receive a warning to leave first.


Lighthouse also brings new quests for players to complete, and the patch notes say that “in the future, the territory will be expanded and will include new bosses”.

In another big addition to Escape From Tarkov, players will now be able to use voice chat to communicate with other players in-game. This is designed “for coordination and the ability to negotiate,” but Battlestate Games warns that abusing this feature with “insults, playing music, clogging the air, and other improper behaviour” will result in being blocked from voice chat or even having your account banned entirely.

As with most updates that come with a wipe, patch 12.12 adds various new items. These are listed below, however it will likely take players time to discover what some of the new weapons include.

  • New weapons
  • New weapon parts
  • Four new hand grenades (including impact grenades)
  • New equipment
  • New barter items
  • New keys
  • New storage cases (Injector case and Keycard holder)
  • Rangefinders (handheld range finder and tactical rangefinder module)
  • 5 new cartridges
  • New clothing sets for USEC and BEAR
  • New unique armbands
  • New face types for both factions at the start of the game

Patch 12.12 also adds the long-awaited inertia system to Escape From Tarkov. This is a rework to the movement system that adds more weight to walking, strafing, turning and jumping. Players will find themselves much slower if they gear up too heavily, though increasing their strength level will allow them to carry more.

Lighthouse Escape From Tarkov
Escape from Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games


Being too heavy isn’t the only thing that can hamper players. Patch 12.12 has “expanded the weapon malfunctions mechanics,” and players will find there are new ways their gun can break in combat. Guns can now fail to eject or feed cartridges, and bolts can now get jammed. These new issues mean that players will first have to identify what’s broken before they can fix it.

Additionally, guns can now overheat if they’re fired for too long. An overheated gun will perform significantly worse, and severe cases will even jam the gun entirely.

Going into more detail with the weapon system, players will struggle to shoot fully-automatic guns for as long without struggling from recoil. This could signify a shift in the meta, as – when combined with overheating – players will have much less incentive to rush their opponents with full-auto on.

Outside of these new features, patch 12.12 implements a long list of bug fixes and graphical changes to Escape From Tarkov. For more details, check out the full patch notes.

In other news, weapon bloom is set to be removed entirely from Call Of Duty: Vanguard, and a recent patch has already reduced it.