‘Escape From Tarkov’ event sees Factory overrun with deadly Raiders

Raiders have taken over Factory, while the map's usual boss - Tagilla - has fled to Interchange

The latest event in hardcore shooter Escape From Tarkov has caused dangerous Raider NPCs to take over the close-quarters Factory map, while the map’s usual Scav Boss has fled to Interchange.

Developer Battlestate Games announced the event today (March 18) via Twitter, with an image that shows Raiders discussing a takeover of Factory.

The event is already live, and players are reporting that the map has been overrun with Raiders – hostile NPC enemies that are far more dangerous than the usual Scav characters that inhabit the map.


Although the presence of Raiders makes Factory much tougher to roam, there is some solace for players: the map’s usual sledgehammer-wielding Boss Scav, Tagilla, is nowhere to be seen in the area.

That’s because for the event, Tagilla has been moved to Interchange to roam the map with his brother, another Scav Boss called Killa.

This means that the ongoing event in Escape From Tarkov doesn’t just make Factory harder, it makes surviving Interchange a much more challenging venture, as players have already recorded Killa and Tagilla sticking together as a pair.

As reported by Tarkov-Changes, Killa’s spawn rate has been slightly increased, and there’s now a 35 per cent chance he’ll spawn alongside his brother on Interchange.

The event has thrown the Escape From Tarkov community into chaos, as the added danger has taken plenty of players by surprise. Moments after the event started, the Escape From Tarkov Reddit was flooded by threads from individuals who weren’t expecting to run into the game’s lethal Raider faction on Factory.


Earlier in the month, Escape From Tarkov faced some financial trouble when real-world sanctions placed upon Russia caused its economy to crash.

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