‘Escape From Tarkov’ migrates game engine to Unity 2019

Escape from Unity 2018

Escape From Tarkov has upgraded its game engine to Unity 2019, which Battlestate Games says will assist development in almost every area.

After a period of downtime, the latest Escape From Tarkov patch has upgraded the game engine from Unity 2018 to Unity 2019.

Upon releasing the 7GB patch, Battlestate Games has noted that “it does not contain any new game mechanics, content, graphics changes or optimisation”.


Although clarifying that patch doesn’t contain any of the above, Battlestate Games clarifies that all of it – including the implementation of Nvidia‘s DLSS (Deep learning super sampling) technology – will be “released in future patches”.

However, upgrading Escape From Tarkov to Unity 2019 is a huge milestone for development of the hardcore shooter. Taking to Twitter, the studio explains that “the transition to a newer version of Unity will allow us to use new graphics, gameplay, and network technologies in the future”.

The migration “will also facilitate further optimisation of the game client and speed up the development of Escape From Tarkov“, adds Battlestate Games.

Since the upgrade to Unity 2019, there have been reports that it is causing some bugs for players. Some of these bugs include a dark hideout, issues with audio being broadcast across the map, and problems with general performance problems.


Another update with “several technical fixes” is planned for today (November 11), with Escape From Tarkov servers going down during installation.

In other Escape From Tarkov news, the game has added daily operational tasks that reward players with plenty of loot – if they can complete objectives handed out by traders.

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