‘Escape From Tarkov’ Rogues are now spawning on every map

It's best to keep your guard up

Rogues are now spawning on every map in Escape From Tarkov‘s latest update.

The update was revealed in a mysterious video clip posted on developer Battlestate Games’ Twitter page.

The clip shows what appears to be a transcript of radio communications between Rogue squads in various Tarkov locations who are looking for a phone with intel on it.


Lore aside, what that means for players is that raids have become just a little bit more difficult.

The Rogues are a faction of ex-USEC operatives previously only found on the Lighthouse map, tasked with guarding the water treatment plant. They will open fire on anyone near the plant but tend to be more lenient towards USEC and Scav players. BEAR players, however, will be attacked on sight.

It’s still unclear what they’re doing in other locations, but it’s best to keep your guard up.

Recently, traders returned to the game after the community paid an extortion fee of 1.5 trillion roubles.

Escape from Tarkov
Escape from Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate.


They were removed from Tarkov and players were hit with a ransom fee from a mysterious character called Lightkeeper.

Last week (May 1), the Flee Market was re-opened following the community’s payment of half the ransom fee.

Though every trader is once again available in Escape From Tarkov, Lightkeeper is yet to make a physical appearance.

The game’s last update also added support for Nvidia’s DLSS, as well as new revolvers and major bug fixes.

In other news, Nvidia has been fined $5.5 million (£4.4 million) following an investigation by the United States’ Securities and Exchange Commission.

The SEC found Nvidia failed to properly disclose the impact of crypto mining in sales of its gaming GPUs, which saw a substantial boost during the height of the crypto boom in 2017-18.