‘Europa Universalis IV’ development diary shares upcoming changes

No bug fixes, but a few balance changes

The latest development diary shows the upcoming changes due for Europa Universalis IV, ahead of its free Epic Games launch.

The patch will mainly focus on compatibility with Epic ahead of the game going free on the storefront next week. According to the latest Europa Universalis IV development diary, “Some of our programmers and QA have been working diligently to create this new version for a long while now.”

The other main change this time around is balance, with the Concentrate Development feature needing some considerable rework after it was found to be “very unbalanced and immersion breaking”.


The changes to Concentrate Development are described in the post, with the Europa Universalis IV team explaining that “Now when you pillage or concentrate a set of provinces, the horde “raze” function is called, but with 20 per cent reduction of the development. This is then converted into monarch points in the source province(s), using the cost it would improve development in each of these provinces.

“These ‘monarch points’ are then taken to the capital of your country, with a loss of 20 per cent of points when applicable, as some countries have free concentrate development. What is left is then used to ‘buy’ development in your capital province. Any ‘monarch points’ left over are then lost.”

This is a new design for the feature, more in tune with what Europa Universalis IV players have been asking for. A few other balance changes were also included, most notably to Catholic Curia Powers, Favours, and Natives. They also added cooldowns and penalties for some types of migration.

“And of course we are rebalancing, i.e. nerfing, the native development growth for 1.32, as it is completely unrealistic and does not work with the rest of the game,” reads the post, “We also changed when the AI released vassals for being over the governing capacity to be a much higher threshold, and also giving lucky nations a nice little boost to their governing capacity.”

Europa Universalis IV will also be getting changes to Institutions and AI, both of which are fully explained in the post, complete with diagrams.


The Epic Games Store will be giving away Europa Universalis IV for free from September 30 until October 7.