‘Evil Dead: The Game’ reportedly adding Ruby Knowby and new missions

'Evil Dead: The Game' files suggest players will get to take on Knowby and her Demon Spawn in the future

A fan who datamined Evil Dead: The Game has found files that suggest Ruby Knowby, a villain from Ash vs. Evil Dead, will be added to the co-op game.

As spotted by dataminer LeaksOfSumeria on Twitter (thanks TheGamer), Evil Dead: The Game includes files for voice lines of characters killing Ruby Knowby.

Knowby is a villain from Ash vs. Evil Dead, who was played by Lucy Lawless. A major character from the series, fans were surprised when Knowby didn’t make it to the final cut of the game – though if these files are to be believed, she won’t stay gone for long.


“Screw you lady, and the demon horse you rode in on,” says Ash in one of the voice lines, while Pablo asks “was that evil ’80s Ruby, or the other one that also tried to kill us a bunch of times?”

As these voice lines are spoken by survivors, it can be assumed that she will appear in the game as a villain. Some of the voice lines also reference Demon Spawn, a type of enemy for which models have been datamined.

The LeaksOfSumeria account has already datamined what appears to be plenty of unreleased content for Evil Dead: The Game. That includes an upcoming mission where players need to exorcise Knowby, mines, and heavy weapons such as a minigun – though the Twitter account believes heavy weapons have been cut completely.

NME recently gave Evil Dead: The Game three stars out of five in our review, claiming that it’s “a must-play for Raimi-heads, but is more difficult to recommend for others.”

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