Ex ‘Final Fantasy’ director Hajime Tabata reveals new titles for JP Games

The two titles draw influence from Tabata's previous work

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has revealed that his new studio JP Games, has two projects in development.

In an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu, Tabata said, “both are large-scale titles” (from a translation by Gematsu).

The first title has reportedly finished pre-production and is described as a high-speed RPG that is experimental and an evolution of Final Fantasy Type-0, an RPG that Tabata directed in 2011.


Tabata has said that the game’s origin is rooted in the idea that he wanted to lessen the amount of time it takes to clear an RPG in a single playthrough to make the game replayable in multiplayer.

In contrast, the second title has only just begun development. It is described in Gematsu’s post as a “global AAA-scale nomadic RPG”, which is considered an “evolution of Final Fantasy XV“.

Other recent JRPG news saw Square Enix announce a new console entry for their long-running Mana series during the series’ 30th-anniversary live stream.

The announcement came alongside the reveal of a mobile port of 2020’s Trials Of Mana remake.

Recently, Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy creative producer Tetsuya Nomura revealed that the game was not originally supposed to be part of the Final Fantasy brand and was instead supposed to be a completely new title.

Eventually, the concept was refined and resulted in a not “directly connected” game to the main series. However, Nomura added he was “glad that traces of that original concept remain”.


Square Enix is also planning to remove the remakes of Final Fantasy V and VI from Steam on July 27 to make way for the upcoming Pixel Remaster collection, which will release later this year.

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