Exclusive: watch the time-lapse video of ‘Lost Judgment’ mural being painted in London

Street artist Dan Kitchener is responsible for the work

A neon-soaked mural has brought the streets of Yokohama from Lost Judgment to life in London.

Street artist Dan Kitchener transformed the Waterloo Leake Street Arches into the RGG Studio title back in September, and the video below shows a time-lapse of Kitchener’s work.


A neon light rig was also placed in front of the mural, allowing people to pose in combat stances from Lost Judgment. According to the press release Kitchener’s “artwork draws heavily from Japanese culture and beautiful colour contrasts that bring unforgettably eye-catching scenes to life.”

The video shows off exactly what the mural looked like, with plenty of street art and graffiti used to transport the small area of London almost 6,000 miles away to Japan.

Lost Judgement mural
Lost Judgment mural. Credit: Dan Kitchener/Sega

Jordan Oloman gave Lost Judgment four out of five stars in the NME review, saying that “with its quality-of-life improvements and refined detective gameplay, It’s a no-brainer purchase if you enjoyed Judgment, but if you’re new to these games, it would also be a great place to start your Ryu Ga Gotoku journey.”

There’s also a rather extensive number of retro games that can be fully emulated inside of Lost Judgment, from arcade title Sonic The Fighters from 1996 and Alex Kidd in Miracle World from the Sega Master System.

The road from Japanese niche to global brand has been a long one for the Yakuza franchise, which Lost Judgment spins off from, as NME interviewed localisation producer Scott Strichart, who said “It’s something we’ve been building toward over the last few releases. The original Judgment was the first to get an English dub and subtitles outside English, then Yakuza: Like a Dragon expanded the platforms.”


In other news, after being leaked The Last Of Us Part II will officially join the PlayStation Now lineup in October.

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