‘Expeditions: Rome’ devs explain what focusing on NFTs means for game

Fans can breathe a sigh of relief

The developers behind Expeditions: Rome have reassured players that the game will not be ignored. That’s despite plans to focus on NFT games.

The statement comes following an announcement earlier this week from Logic Artists. Its founders stated that they were launching a new studio focused on NFT games. Players were concerned that the change would mean the game would be overlooked.

A statement given to PCGamesN by THQ Nordic confirmed that “Expeditions: Rome will…be the last title in the series developed by Logic Artists in its current/former team composition”.


Despite that news, the developer has said more encouraging words. Again explained to PCGamesN, “we can confirm there will be more Expeditions: Rome content in the coming months in the form of at least one DLC pack”. There will also be “additional support regarding any technical issues with the game or its upcoming DLC”.

The new studio, Dynasty Studios, is independent from THQ Nordic and the Expeditions series so there is also no risk of any “any kind of NFT” being added to the game.

While there is no news as to whether there will be any future Expeditions games, at least players know that Rome will enjoy downloadable content in the future.

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