‘Fable’ will be a single-player experience, not an MMO

Although the game will likely have online elements

The upcoming reboot of Fable is said to be a traditional single-player experience and will not be a massive multiplayer online (MMO) experience.

Since the game’s unveiling at the Xbox Games Showcase last week (July 23), rumours have circulated that the game is in-fact an MMO and would not retain the traditional Fable experience. However, a report from Windows Central seemingly debunks the theory that developer Playground Games is taking that route.

According to the publication’s multiple sources, Playground’s plan on the Fable reboot have been “confirmed to [be] an action-RPG, one that you can play in single-player”.


The report goes on to say that “there may be online elements like co-op functionality or limited, optional shared spaces” before clarifying that “nothing would justify classifying the game as an MMO”.

Fans of the Fable series are used to having online elements incorporated into the franchise. Fable II and III featured online co-op, which allowed players to share the experience together. Both games also incorporated an orb feature, which highlighted multiple random players in areas. Players could interact with the orbs to view the players information and send gifts.

Playground Games are notoriously known for the Forza Horizon series, which has also utilised shared spaces between players. While the main experience is single-player, the world features Drivatars, which are AI controlled cars that are based on your playstyle and appear in other players games.

During the same event that announced Fable, Microsoft also showcased Halo Infinite, which has since received backlash over its graphics. Marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg has since responded to the feedback stating that the footage was from a “work-in-progress game”.

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