‘Factorio’ studio facing backlash after £140 price increase in Russia

Some believe it was a political stunt

Factorio developer Wube Software is facing backlash due to a temporary twenty-fold price increase for the game in Russia, which some have seen as a political stunt.

The Factorio price in Russia has long been £7.70 (₽520). However, on July 14, the price rose suddenly to £147.99 (₽10,000). This price increase came without any notice or acknowledgement from Wube Software.

There was immediate backlash from players following the price hike. While Factorio’s overall Steam reviews remain ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’, one can see a clear downward spike around the time of the price increase, with over 900 negative reviews arriving on July 15.


One user wrote, “While the game is great, the developer behaviour and public statements are questionable, at least. I strongly believe that game developers should create games instead of going into politics. And here you go, your honest review for 10,000 rubles.”

Another likened the price increase for Russian gamers to racism. “Increasing price for this game x20 just for the Russian region is just blatant racism. Bringing politics into the game world is the worst thing developers can do and [they] should be ashamed of themselves. I’ve always been trying to bring more of my friends to this amazing game, basically bringing money to developers to let them prosper, but seeing this vile move from them is just disgusting. Throwing the game into [the] garbage bin. Not recommended.”

The pricing issue was swiftly rectified when it was decreased to £14.80 (₽1,000) the next day. It could have been that the original increase was someone inputting one too many zeroes.

Czech developer Wube Software has expressed support for Ukraine in the past. In a blog post on its website, Wube wrote in support of Ukrainians accompanied by a picture of the Czech National Museum, which is bullet-scarred from Russia’s 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Wube Software has yet to publicly comment on the price increase.


In other news, Elden Ring is still a best-seller over five months since its release.

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