‘Factorio’ expansion will be as big as the base game

The expansion will also be priced as a full release

Wube Software has revealed details of the upcoming Factorio expansion, which will feel as big as the base game.

The news was announced in a blog post on the Factorio website (spotted by PCGamer), and provides insight into the route Wube is taking to get the expansion released.

The developers posted saying that there are not many specifics to share and that they do not want to announce the expansions name. However, the expansion will be priced at £22 ($30) and will “feel like as big an addition as the whole vanilla game.”


The post continues, saying: “honestly, making the price (and thus the expected scope) a little bit more concrete in this way, motivates us not only to make enough, but also to not overshoot, so we wouldn’t spend another nine years doing it. Generally the fact that the team size has increased, and there are a lot of things in the engine that we already solved, should hopefully imply that the expansion takes way less time than the base game.”

The Factorio expansion will also behave as a mod would. Players will be able to turn off expansion content at any time and go back to playing the vanilla version if they want. However, some aspects of the code will be merged into the main build to include fixes and improvements.

The post also includes a few teases of upcoming features. One is a more persistent and natural decay for enemy nests and monsters, who will gradually break down over time until they fade away completely. The other is concept art for a new kind of bug that looks like a fleshy jellyfish.

In other news, itch.io has said on Twitter that “NFTS are a scam” and that they will not be promoted through the site.