‘Fall Guys’ Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions are a “top priotiry” for Mediatonic

No word yet on when you'll get do scream at Hex-a-gon on other platforms.

Mediatonic has revealed that releasing the delayed version of Fall Guys on Xbox and Nintendo Switch is one of the studio’s “top priorities in active development”.

The game was originally supposed to release on Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms earlier in the summer, however, the game was delayed.

In a new post on the official Fall Guys website, the team wrote that one of the features they want to add to the game is cross-play.


Referring to Mediatonic’s acquisition by Epic Games, it said: “This is something we’re super thrilled about, as it now gives our team access to a whole host of new tools to enhance the experience of those who are down with the Crown; from the Blunderdome vets to the first-time stumblers, no matter where you play.”

This week, during the reveal of Season 6 of the game’s content, the team clarified the position on the ports of the game:

“We know everyone’s excited about Fall Guys coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox, with good reason. There’s been a lot of speculation on social media connecting these new console releases to the Season 6 launch and we want to clarify that that’s not the case so no one’s left confused looking for the game on these platforms. Thank you for being patient with us, it’s one of our top priorities in active development and we can’t wait to share more details with you in 2022.”

Season Six launched on Tuesday (November 30) and brings five new rounds to the game

The first new round is Full Tilt which is described as a “fiendishly fresh take on a Fall Guys classic.” There’s also the “totally tubular” Pipe Dream which will provide players with a vacuum-tube-based maze challenge on every visit and Airtime, which will see players battling in a trapeze-filled stage designed around “aerial agility”.

There’s also Leading Light, which will focus on stealing the spotlight while dealing with fans, turntables, and other hazards. Lastly, there’s Party Promenade, a “celebration of clumsiness” packed with vacuum tubes, water balloon cannons, and more.


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