‘Fall Guys’ players criticise the game’s new progression system

One player thinks that the current system "doesn't motivate players to play better"

Fall Guys players aren’t too happy about the game’s new free-to-play season pass, with some criticising its progression system.

Mediatonic recently re-released the adorable battle royale as a free-to-play game for both PC and consoles, while also introducing brand new content and a season pass featuring a battle pass, free of charge.

However, some players have expressed their disappointment with how the “supercharged” season pass’s system progression works (via, Game Rant) due to how it’s now built around daily and weekly challenges.


While completing daily and weekly challenges can gain players a couple of levels through the battle pass, it seems that the game’s normal progression has been heavily nerfed. This means that if players don’t complete a daily or weekly challenge, or have already completed them, they’ll receive little progression.

On the Fall Guys Reddit page, players are discussing the new system. “It doesn’t motivate players to play better, and it might encourage some others to start AFK farming fame,” said one player.


“I really hate how the medals reward you with the same amount of fame,” said another in the Reddit thread. “Makes you wonder why they even changed the loading screen to add the medals and how to earn them when getting gold still gives you [the same XP] as [coming] last.”



Fall Guys
Fall Guys. Credit: Mediatonic

One player explained that the new system “doesn’t motivate players to play better,” while another said that  they think it “might encourage some others to start AFK farming fame.” The Reddit post currently has just under 800 upvotes and Mediatonic has yet to acknowledge the criticism.

In other news, following the launch of the free-to-play model on June 21, Fall Guys has reached a massive milestone of 20million players in its first 48 hours of launch.