‘Fall Guys’ servers fall over after free to play launch

Following a long-awaited cross platform and free to play launch, the 'Fall Guys' servers struggled to keep up with demand

Yesterday (June 21) players were unable to find matches in Fall Guys due to server issues caused by the multiplatform free to play relaunch of the battle royale game.

The issues were acknowledged via a true to form Fall Guys tweet from developer Mediatonic, in which it said, “I baked us a cake, but I dropped it on the servers and now I am cleaning up the frosting from the computery bits”. The company reassured players that it “will bake us a new cake though,” which is perhaps not an accurate calculation of estimated down time, but as time went on it seemed more fans of the platform battle royale were able to enter games.


Unfortunately, this morning (June 22) it seems players are still facing some matchmaking problems. With a relaunch of this scale across PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch making the game more accessible to thousands, teething problems are to be expected.

With Epic acquiring Mediatonic, the scope of the game has gone beyond early expectations, but this has seen the game removed from Steam, with new PC players having to login via the Epic Games Store in order to play. Existing players don’t need to fret though, as they will not be forced into a mandatory move and can continue to launch the game via the Steam platform as before. If PC players do want to switch to one of the newly added platform possibilities, they’ll be happy to learn cross-play and cross-progression are integrated, meaning they won’t lose achievements or progress from their current Fall Guys experience.

Prior to the recent update, the game was only available on PC and PlayStation, and its arrival to Xbox and Nintendo Switch won’t be helping the pressure on the servers that Fall Guys currently seems to be experiencing. Hopefully, similar to its debut on PlayStation 4 and Steam in 2020, it won’t take long for the server infrastructure to handle the new demand.

In other news, Total War: Warhammer 3 has revealed an in-depth look at the “biggest map any Total War game has featured to date”, set to be introduced in the upcoming Immortal Empires update.

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