‘Fall Guys’ to add limited-edition Godzilla cosmetics

There's also a Godzilla plushie available to pre-order

Godzilla will enter the Fall Guys Blunderdome this week, as its biggest guest star yet. Starting July 21, players can unlock a series of cosmetic rewards.

Amongst the unlockable outfits are Godzilla, Godzilla 1995, Mothra and King Ghidorah, with a Mechagodzilla unlockable in the season pass. Players have the opportunity to purchase the costumes individually or save money by choosing to buy special bundles. The bundles will consist of Godzilla with Godzilla 1995 and Mothra with King Ghidorah, and will include a name plate and nickname too for 1,800 Show-Bucks.

The cosmetics remain obtainable until July 25 with the exception of Mechagodzilla, who’s here to stay as a season pass reward until the end of Season 1 on August 29.


Alongside these enormous, fire-breathing monsters, there will also be a Fall Guys Godzilla plushie for sale. Standing at 28cm, the “super-soft” collectible is available to pre-order now in the Fall Guys store.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Tip Toe. Credit: Mediatonic

The plushie resembles the original Godzilla costume which was available to unlock for just a few days at the end of 2020, so players with their eye on this limited edition cosmetic should make sure to log in after July 21 in order to obtain it for themselves.

The latest crossover to arrive in Fall Guys follows the likes of HaloGhost of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn, Astro’s Playroom and a multitude of others.

In June, Fall Guys went free to play and saw a huge new milestone of reaching 20million players in its first 48 hours of free-for-all.

In other news, Romero Games is working on an “all-new FPS with an original, new IP,” John Romero has announced on Twitter. In the Tweet, posted July 19, Romero says: “Exciting news! I’m working on a new FPS, and we’re hiring.”