‘Fallout 4’ mod adds grab based attacks for players and enemies

Up close and personal

A mod for Bethesda’s Fallout 4 adds grab attacks that players can use for flair or tactics.

The mod was posted on Nexus Mods by user Elzee and adds over 80 grab attacks. PCGamesN spotted the mod which “changes all human killmoves to normal combat skills, including all weapons and H2H”. All non-kill moves have also been updated.

With the mod installed, whenever a player uses the power attack button they will perform a grab attack which will do standard melee damage. It can also reposition or disrupt enemies as well.


Players should be aware that enemies can also use these moves as well though. This brings extra tension when enemies close the gap to perform melee strikes.

The mod removes some restrictions based on weapons, angle, races, and stealth conditions to allow the animations to trigger more reliably. Each attack is equally likely to be triggered, so they should always be varied and avoid repetition. Some of the animations have had hit events added to them to ensure they cause damage.

Fallout 4 Nexus Mod
Fallout 4. Credit: Bethesda

There are over 80 attack moves, including new moves from DLC and cut animations restored from game files. As such, the mod requires the Automatron, Far Harbour, and Nuka World DLCs.

The moves can be performed on any humanoid enemy in Fallout 4 such as Raiders and can also be performed by any. Sadly this means players cannot suplex a Super Mutant into the ground.

The mod does not change many files, so conflicts between this and other mods should be limited to only those altering melee animation triggers. However, be aware that other conflicts may not have been discovered yet.


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