‘Fallout 76’ Worlds update adds customisable private servers and more

Build your own country roads

The Fallout Worlds update arrives in Fallout 76, bringing long-awaited private lobbies to the session-based online title.

Launched yesterday (September 8), the ability to create custom worlds in Fallout 76 will be limited to Fallout 1st members, a subscription-based membership service available for the game. Custom worlds allow players to privately host and then customise their servers with a “wide variety of modifiable game settings” such as unrestricted building locations, alternate combat difficulty, and more.


Although the creation of these worlds is limited to Fallout 1st members, Bethesda’s patch notes clarify that non-members can “still join…friends who are Fallout 1st members in the custom worlds that they’ve set up while they are online.”

The update also adds public worlds to the game, which are modified from the base experience of Fallout 76 to offer “specialized game settings” built around a specific theme. These will be rotated monthly, and the first public world – there will be only one available at any time – is called Happy Builder. It greatly expands the ability for players to build without restriction while removing PvP.

The next public world – titled High Risk – will go in the opposite direction. This theme is all about PvP, which will be permanently enabled while fast travel is removed. Players on this public world will be encouraged to partake in PvP, as every player will drop more of their loot upon death. There are another three public worlds planned for the future, which include a near-hardcore mode, another with max jump height and “quantum storm” weather, and finally one that hands infinite ammo and unlimited AP to players.

Fallout Worlds also marks the start of Season 6, in which players will “team up with The Unstoppables to combat the villainous Diabolicals” to earn the usual rank-up rewards that players can expect.

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