‘Fallout: London’ DLC-sized mod revealed – NME talks to the devs creating panic on the streets of London

War never changes

A new fan-made Fallout mod will let players explore a DLC-sized post-apocalyptic rendition of London.

Fallout: London got its first official reveal trailer yesterday, which introduced players to the development team’s rendition of England’s capital.

Set in 2237, Fallout: London features numerous recognisable locations, warring factions, and a collection of English-focused weaponry. According to the developer’s official website, Fallout: London will be around the size of Fallout 4’s Commonwealth map, which is roughly 3.82 square miles.


The project’s first official trailer provides a look at the world of Fallout: London, alongside a voice actor who describes the different factions. The mod’s story details are pretty light at the moment, but the trailer seems to indicate that the city’s factions are all vying for control.

Fallout: London will include several of London’s boroughs, including Greenwich, Hackney, Camden, Islington, and Westminster. Each area will have a distinctive aesthetic, as gangs claim individual boroughs as their own.

Fallout: London will take place between the events of Fallout 1 and 2, and will be set 50 years before the events of Fallout 4. Many of the factions and companies seen throughout each game will not be present in Fallout: London.

The biggest change in this respect will be the lack of Vault-Tec present in London, although there will still be vaults.

Fallout’s Forced Evolutionary Virus will also not be present in the mod, which means there will be no Super-Mutants, Deathclaws, or Centaurs. There will be new enemies present throughout the world which are specific to London.


The mod will also feature an original soundtrack, which is being composed by the project’s audio lead Kyle Downes. There are also several ambient tracks in the game that will play in the background as players explore London.


NME spoke with Fallout: London Project Lead, Dean ‘Prilladog’ Carter about why the team chose London: “I’m a backpacker by profession, and during one of the downtimes I was speaking to my friend back home about the Fallout 76 announcement and the conversation drifted onto a Fallout being based in London. A few scribbled notes here and there.. and the rest is history.”

“London offers a huge amount in our opinion, Fallout is known for its over-the-top style and self-deprecating humour, and we felt that nobody does that better than Londoners. The city has a wealth of history that can be poked at as well as a huge amount of cultural diversity that can be drawn upon, something not really seen in the other titles,” commented Carter.

Fallout: London Street Screenshot
Fallout: London Credit: Fallout London Team

With team members from across the world, NME asked Carter if anyone on the team lived in London: “We wouldn’t be where we are without a core of plucky Brits, much like myself. Having locals build a game of their local areas was of paramount importance to us and we really feel it’s reflected in the level design. It also allows us to ‘British-fy’ anything our non-native writers hand in.”

“FOLON has been made in a way that combines the gun mechanics of Fallout 4 with the more in-depth narrative found in Fallout NV. Both were great in their own ways, lucky for us we can cherry-pick the best parts and blend them together to create the best user experience we can offer,” added Carter.

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