‘Fallout: London’ mod’s head writer leaves for Bethesda job

The team is now looking for new writers

The head writer of the Fallout: London team is leaving the project for a job at Bethesda, but the team assure fans nothing in the story will change.

Stephanie Zachariadis will be leaving the team, who said that they “hope she will give [Bethesda] the same groundbreaking story and quests that she gave us”. The team released a statement in the Fallout: London Discord server, and later Tweeted a screenshot of their collected sentiments, wishing her “the best on her endeavours”.


The statement also addressed fan concerns about a departing head writer, clarifying that Zachariadis had “laid such a strong support system for us that we will be more than able to manage for the foreseeable future”. According to the statement, the team had known about the departure for a while, allowing it to get its affairs in order.

The post went on to say that the Fallout: London storyline will not change, as it is “concrete” and has been finalised. The new head writer will be tweaking dialogue responses rather than any of the main story. Although there is no news yet as to who will take over the role, applications for head writer have now opened via the Discord server.

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