‘Fallout: London’ reveals Cthulhu-inspired monsters, new music and more

I hope you don't live by the river

The team behind Fallout London has provided a first look at a variety of new features that will be in the upcoming Fallout 4 mod.

Released today (June 30), a progress video gives an expansive look at what fans can expect to see in post-apocalyptic London.

After a message thanking fans for supporting the first Fallout London trailer, the video jumps straight in by detailing a variety of new monsters plaguing the city. These include the tar-soaked ‘Gahenna’, which were originally planned to appear in a cancelled version of Fallout 3.


Also making an appearance are the ‘Thamesfolk’, who were originally normal people before mutating due to their proximity to the highly polluted Thames river. The video noted that the design for these ‘Thamesfolk’ was “drawn heavily from the Cthulhu works of H.P. Lovecraft.”

The progress video also shares some of the new music that will be featured in Fallout London, including a snippet of ‘Train to Merseyside’ by Seph Bentõs.

Fans can also get a glimpse of some new armour that will be available in Fallout London, including WW2-themed ‘Tommy’ armour, punk-themed outfits and more.

Players also received confirmation that they will soon be able to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Shard, Big Ben, Buckingham palace and a huge other number of iconic London landmarks.

The video includes a look at the London black cabs which were reproduced by the team as a “labour of love”. Alongside a closer look at other assets in the game, the video hopes that it will show “how dedicated the team is at trying to make everything unique in London.”


When the trailer was first released earlier in the month, NME got to speak to Project Lead Dean ‘Prilladog’ Carter about why the team felt London was a good match for the Fallout series.

In other news, Phil Spencer has stated that while he “understands” disagreement surrounding studio acquisitions, he feels that the practice is good for the industry.

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