‘Far Cry 3’ is free for PC players over the next few days

Far Cry Free

Far Cry 3 is free until Saturday September 11 (7:30am in every timezone) on PC via the Ubisoft Connect launcher.

The title can be claimed for free here after users log in to or create a Ubisoft account, with it then available to play forever. Released back in 2012, Far Cry 3 set the franchise in the direction that has mostly persisted all the way up to this year’s upcoming Far Cry 6.

The NME preview for Far Cry 6 said that “Yes, Ubisoft’s frenetic open-world shooter is back for another installation, and while it looks fun, my hands-on left me exhausted. This is more of the same, and the formula is starting to wear thin.”


Far Cry 6: helicopter
Far Cry 6. Credit: Ubisoft

NME also recently took a look at Far Cry VR, a set of Far Cry themed VR experiences available at Zero Latency venues across the globe. The article said that “for first-timers, I’d go so far as to say this is definitely the best way to experience VR – although I found myself missing hand trackers so that I could point or gesture to friends, instead having to use the game’s AK47 as a crude gesturing tool.”

If you want to know more about Far Cry 6, then all the information about the game including the release date, trailers and gameplay can be found here.

Far Cry 3 will actually be crossing over with Far Cry 6 after it releases, as the game’s DLC will let players control series villains Vaas, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed. With all three downloads described as “a post-game story expansion” by Ubisoft.

In other news, Daemon X Machina is another game that will be available for free for a limited time as Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be able to play the game for free next week.

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