‘Farmville 3’ is coming this November

It’s time to badger your Facebook friends all over again

Farmville 3, the upcoming sequel to everyone’s favourite Facebook-based farming sim, will be released on November 4.

Social game developer Zynga has revealed that the popular Farmville game is getting a sequel, and it’s on its way later this year.

“Leave it all behind and escape to the farm, where the air is fresh, and the people are friendly,” says the official Farmville 3 page. “Experience nature at its finest, harvesting bountiful crops and raising hundreds of adorable animals. Take a break from the world and enjoy life at a different pace. Coming to a farm near you on November 4.”


The original Farmville was one of Facebook’s most popular games during the early 2010s and ran for an impressive 11 years until December 31, 2020. Farmville was forced to close due to Adobe’s decision to stop updating and distributing Flash Player for web browsers. As a result, Facebook stopped supporting Flash-based games.

Now, it looks as though Farmville 3 will bring the popular social game to mobile phones.

Looking on both the Google Play Store and iOS app store, Farmville 3 is now available for pre-registration.

Farmville 3 now includes over 150 different breeds of farm animals, including tigers and alpacas, to breed, nurture and sell off to the highest bidder. Although there’s not much to go on, it looks as though Farmville 2 character Marie will be back in the upcoming sequel. And this time, she’ll be accompanied by a staff of 30 or so farmhands to help you turn your farm into a well-oiled harvesting machine. The game will also include an in-game weather system to help (or hinder) your progress.


Meanwhile, it looks as though Pokémon Legends: Arceus may not be an open-world game after all.