‘Fatal Frame’ director will “consider” remastering previous titles

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Fatal Frame series director Makoto Shibata has revealed that he will consider remastering older Fatal Frame games in the future.

Speaking to JP Games (thanks, VGC), Shibata shared that although Koei Tecmo does not currently have any plans to remaster more Fatal Frame games, the positive reception it has received to Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water may change that.

Speaking on plans for further remasters, Shibata said:


“As this title was prepared for the 20th anniversary of the series, we currently don’t have any plans to develop any other remastered versions. However, the reactions we have received from everyone have exceeded our expectations, so I’d like to consider this moving forward.”

This news could mean that older Fatal Frame games – which go all the way back to 2001 – may be remastered for current consoles in the future.

Currently, Koei Tecmo is working on porting Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water to various modern platforms.

Announced in June, the Fatal Frame game – originally released in 2014 – will arrive on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC on October 28.

Discussing the port, Shibata said it had been a challenge “to combine the information that was projected on the Wii U gamepad and on the TV monitor onto one screen”, as well as “optimisation for each platform’s controller”.


Shibata also revealed that a new photo mode in Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water will allow players to spot ghosts from previous Fatal Frame games “depending on the location and time” that players use the Psychic Lens.

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