FaZe Clan reveals 2021 ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ roster and Team Ambassador

A number of players are set to make their debut in March

FaZe Clan have revealed their roster for the 2021 Rainbow Six Siege Season, debuting some newer faces after a sixth place finish in 2020.

The announcement came last week that former FaZe Clan player Cameram4n would be returning, along with defending 2020 Brazilian Champions Soulz1, Cyber, and Bullet1. This new lineup will debut on March 20 when the 2021 season launches.

These players will replace outgoing players Yoona, Live, Ion, and KDS on FaZe’s roster. The incoming new Team Ambassador will be João Paulo “PATIFE” Pereira. PATIFE is described as having “massive influence” over the Rainbow Six community, and built his brand through content creation and streaming.


This new role will see PATIFE hosting livestreams of the team’s Latin American Rainbow Six matches, and interacting with fans during these ‘watch parties’.

FaZe Clan finished sixth in 2020’s Rainbow Six Siege Season, and are going into the next year with this all-new squad. This will mark the fifth time players Astro and Cameram4n have played side-by-side, and are the only Brazilian players to have attended all six invitational events.

FaZe Clan CEO, Lee Trink, has recently gained coverage for detailing his plans for the future in an interview, claiming that “esports isn’t a lucrative business in the near term”.

Addressing concerns of the industry’s direction in an interview with Digiday, Trink detailed his plans for FaZe Clan. He described the new direction as “going deeper into content”, claiming the team had “permission from our fans” to do so, given the size of their fanbase.

Rainbow Six Siege made Steam’s bestsellers list again in 2020, coming just under Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Destiny 2. Upcoming spin-off Rainbow Six Quarantine was recently announced to have been given a name change and may be due out soon. In what started as a Rainbow Six in-game event, the 2019 story was given its own spin-off which is yet to be given a solid release date.