‘FIFA 22’ to introduce cross-play “in the near future”

But only for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia

EA has announced plans to introduce cross-play to FIFA 22 “in the near future”.

Sharing the news in a Pitch Notes blog, EA explained that while the company is “eager to let our players connect across multiple platforms” the first phase of testing will only involve Online Seasons and Online Friendlies on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia versions” of the game.

Once the test is activated, a widget will appear on the FIFA 22 main menu. Players are being asked to submit all feedback to EA.


“For FIFA 22, Cross-play is the ability to play the game with players from different platforms,” explain the studio. “Our Cross-play test will be available in Online Seasons and Online Friendlies, meaning that you can choose to play FIFA 22 with a friend on another platform, or climb the Online Seasons Divisions against players potentially playing on other platforms.”

As for why the test won’t be available to PS4, Xbox One or PC players or why it won’t include FIFA Ultimate Team, EA said: “While we want to enable our players to play with as many friends and others as possible, we limited the test to these two modes with the aim of reducing the chance for introducing new issues into the game.”

However, EA did say it is “confident that the game data and feedback that we get from these two modes will help inform how cross-play could further be implemented in future titles.”

A launch date hasn’t been announced but EA has said the cross-play test will be starting in the “near future”.


In other news, it’s been reported that in the next few years FIFA will be rebranded to EA Sports Football Club.

In October of last year, EA said it was reviewing its “naming rights agreement with FIFA” after the release of FIFA 22. It was then reported that FIFA was seeking over double what it receives from EA for the brand, estimated to be around £133million ($150million).