‘FIFA 23’ will improve matchday experience with better crowds and flashier replays

Post-goal sirens and buzzers are amongst the refinements

EA has revealed the new matchday experience planned for FIFA 23, which will include HyperMotion2 replays, realistic crowds and more.

In a new seven-minute trailer posted by EA, content creator ShaunaGames (via VGC) spoke to FIFA presentation producer Adriano Negri about the pre-match experience, including the introduction of “quick-cutting, fast-paced cinematic language and elements” to create introduction videos on par with “any high-end sports broadcaster.”

Negri elaborated that this means we’ll see cinematics of fans arriving at the stadium, drone shots of the stadium itself and flashback moments on the pitch alongside manager interactions.


EA has also taken “really meaningful steps to improve how the crowd looks” by adding more crowd heads, body types and clothing items to make the crowd feel “natural and more varied”. That’s alongside cameras given new cinematic angles to make moments such as goal kicks and penalties feel more special.

Negri also added that female officials will have a visual rework as well as being assigned to male competitions for the first time, including in the FIFA Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs game modes.

For newer players. Negri spoke about the new training facilities in-game, and said that “this is a way that we can remove barriers for new players” by including “a brand-new tool set as well as revamped visuals” in order to make the trainer “more intuitive, sleek and modern”.

FIFA 23. Credit: EA Sports.
FIFA 23. Credit: EA Sports.

ShaunaGames also spoke to FIFA presentation producer Fab Muoio about the changes made on the pitch, including the pitch appearance. “We went in and we tuned the length of the grass, the colour of the grass. We even show some of the dirt on the grass when it gets torn up through a slide tackle or a knee slide.” He added that “degradation will stay on the pitch throughout the course of the match,” meaning that “it really makes the pitch feel like a living, breathing piece of environment.”


Muoio also spoke about the adjustments to shadows in the game, saying they’ve been “exaggerated” in places such as on the ball and the players themselves.

Scoring goals is also set to feel more special, with HyperMotion2 replays using new camera angles and augmented reality statistics to “reward the user for scoring”. In addition to this, the nets have been enhanced by being converted to “real 3D geometry” and now “reacts to light” and “ripples the net” to aid satisfaction. Post-goal sound effect customisation now includes sirens, buzzers and a navy alarm as well as a horse.

FIFA 23 launches on September 30 for PS4PS5Xbox OneXbox Series X|S, and PC.

In other news, Bandai Namco has shared a brief teaser video which suggests a new Tekken game is on the way.

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