‘FIFA 23’’s World Cup won’t have a dedicated Ultimate Team mode

Players will lose some of their cards after the event is over

FIFA 23‘s upcoming World Cup content reportedly won’t include a dedicated FUT game mode.

That’s according to Fut Sheriff on Twitter (via VGC), who claims that EA has no plans to bring FIFA 23‘s World Cup mode to Ultimate Team, which is due to start soon. While players will reportedly be able to acquire special cards and themed content, but there will be no specific integration with Ultimate Team.

“There will be no World Cup mode inside FUT,” said the account. “There will be special cards and themed content, like a promo, but no mode. We will receive time limited cards from the players in World Cup and we will use them to do Objectives and SBC’s based on WC.”


Fut Sheriff claims that time-limited players will be removed from players’ clubs once the World Cup season (starting on November 11) is over. Players will be able to keep all of their themed cards, such as Heroes and Stars, however.

There’s reason to believe these claims too, as Fut Sheriff has accurately predicted every game mode and promo card released in FIFA for the past year.

FIFA 23. Credit: EA Sports.

The lack of a dedicated FUT game mode during the FIFA 23 World Cup marks something of a departure for the series, as previous tournaments have been incorporated into Ultimate Team. In previous years, players have been able to build squads based around the real-life players competing in the World Cup.

EA may, in fact, never again support FUT in future World Cups – Given that the World Cup is arranged by FIFA, an organisation that EA has famously split with ahead of the rebranding of the gaming franchise.

It’s just the latest unfortunate headline for the upcoming World Cup mode too, after EA accidentally released it a month early for some players.


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