‘FIFA Ultimate Team’ in ‘FIFA 22’ will still have loot boxes

But there will be preview packs as trialled in FIFA 21

EA will reportedly be sticking with loot boxes for its FIFA Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 22.

According to Eurogamer, the popular but controversial mode will however include preview packs, which were trialled in FIFA 21 this summer.

The new update had been implemented following increasing pressure from various groups such as governments, children’s welfare groups, and gambling charities, and allows players to see the contents of the packs before they buy them.


FIFA 22. Credit: EA

Players who do not purchase a previewed pack will have to wait for a refresh timer to expire before they can preview another pack of the same type.

It’s a significant change from how Ultimate Team works, and has reportedly even boosted sales of packs as some players are more likely to purchase a pack when they know what they’re getting.

Ultimate Team packs are bought with either FUT Coins earned in-game, or FIFA Points, a premium virtual currency bought with real-world money. Given the hours required to build a dream team, fans are more likely to spend real money on the chances of obtaining their most wanted players, making Ultimate Team one of EA’s most profitable streams of revenue, having earned £1.15billion over the past year.

Preview packs are to be available in FIFA 22 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S – but not Nintendo Switch.


In other EA-related news, Battlefield 2042 has been delayed until November, which also prompted a drop in EA’s share price by 7 per cent, although it was quick to rebound as the delay wasn’t too significant compared to rumours that it could have been delayed into 2022.

The delay however has also prompted speculation from a Battlefield insider that the game’s open beta may also be delayed until October.