‘FIFA Ultimate Team’ traders lose valuable accounts to hackers

Hackers brute-forced the account recovery system

Prominent FIFA Ultimate Team traders have reported that hackers have emptied their accounts of in-game currency.

Reports indicate that FIFA Ultimate Team traders in the top 100 leader board have been targeted by hackers. The attacks have successfully gained control of accounts and cleared thousands of pounds worth of in-game currency. (Reported by Eurogamer)

One trader, FUT Donkey, has tweeted the series of events involved in the hack. It appears that the attackers have used the leaderboard to find out the user names of top players. They have then gone to the EA support system and claimed to be locked out of the account. They brute force the chat system until an advisor gives them access to the account, at which point they log in and trade away anything of value.


In the case of FUT Donkey, it also appears that the attackers then used the email address to sign up for accounts on various websites. He said in a tweet, “EA leaked my email address to some random guy with no verification or anything, he then used it to sign up to loads of random sites like IMDB, Quora, Pornhub etc. These guys are breaking GDPR laws and they don’t care lol”

FUT Donkey appeared to have taken precautions against such an attack, saying in a tweet that he had sent several messages to EA. He had asked them to add a note to his account warning advisors that his account was likely to be targeted by an attack.

Another FUT trader FUT_FG tweeted saying, “Woke up this morning to see my account has also been hacked 🙂 what a lovely start to 2022.”

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