‘Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker’ will reset your mid-level progress

Level up now to avoid disappointment and lost experience

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker will reset your mid-level progress, so it’s a smart move to level up before it launches.

That’s the news we’ve learned courtesy of the 67th Letter from the Producer over the weekend. The livestream and subsequent ton of information that was unleashed meant it was easy to not notice this very crucial fact. Fortunately, PCGamer has spotted it first.

Because the game is going through some “numerical downscaling”, everything from health, damage and other stats will look smaller than before. That also means that any mid-level experience earned will be reset to 0 when Endwalker launches in December. What does that mean for players? If a player is near to levelling up when the game launches, they’re going to lose some considerable progress along the way.


In particular, for players at high levels within the game, that could mean losing millions of experience all because of the new update.

It’s advisable that all players make sure they have recently levelled up by the time December 3 hits so they don’t miss out on some hard earned experience vanishing into the Final Fantasy 14 database.

The reset applies to all classes and jobs, retainers and your Trust NPCs, so no one is safe.

In the livestream, producer Naoki Yoshida, explained how he wanted to bump everybody up a level. However, reportedly, that’s a more complicated process and would lead to three weeks of constant downtime and maintenance. Something that no one is likely to be keen on for the sake of levelling up.

Recently, we learned plenty about what Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker‘s post-launch content would be like including when the expansion’s raid series will release.


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