‘Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade’ gets final trailer

It will be a PS5 exclusive for at least six months

Square Enix has dropped a final trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade ahead of its PS5 launch next month.

The clip showcases the graphical improvements on PS5 as well as revealing more content from the new ‘Episode Intermission’ starring Yuffie Kisugari.

The latter half of the new Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade trailer shows Yuffie with new companion Sonon, as they encounter Shinra executive Scarlet who fights them in a mech suit.


The trailer also confirms the return of Nero, an antagonist first introduced in Dirge of Cerberus, a game set three years after the events of the original Final Fantasy VII.

Another scene also reveals Fort Condor, a location from the original Final Fantasy VII, which included a tower defence mini-game. In the clip for the remake, Fort Condor is a board game, which looks radically different from the original.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade releases for PS5 on June 10, which is a free upgrade for owners of the PS4 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

PlayStation Plus subscribers who received a free copy of the game in March however will not be eligible for the free upgrade.

The free upgrade will also not include ‘Episode Intermission’, which can be bought as standalone game for US$19.99 / £14.29 on the PlayStation store.


The end of the trailer also indicates that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is a PS5 console exclusive for “at least six months earlier than any other format”.

Final Fantasy VII Remake had a one-year exclusivity deal on PS4, which expired on April 10 this year, although it has not yet been announced for another platform.

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