‘Final Fantasy XI’ mobile reboot has been cancelled

The reboot was in development for six years

The Final Fantasy XI mobile reboot has been cancelled after being in development for six years.

According to a report from Gamebiz.jp translated by Gematsu, co-developers Square Enix and Nexon decided to end the developement of Final Fantasy XI because the mobile version “did not meet the quality standards expected by fans of the Final Fantasy series from a creative perspective.”

The Final Fantasy XI reboot was announced in March 2015 and was initially planned to release the following year. Square Enix also revealed a first look at the mobile reboot of the MMORPG at the time, with new and improved graphics and a new user interface.


The mobile reboot was then delayed until 2018, but no new information from Square Enix about the new and improved version of Final Fantasy XI had been shared since.

The original MMORPG originally launched in 2002 and has since kept a loyal playerbase. The game still receives regular updates today, with new seasonal events and improvements being added.

In other Final Fantasy news, the latest expansion for Square Enix’s other popular MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, was just announced. Titled Endwalker, the next expansion is set to launch in Autumn 2021 and will conclude the 10 year story arc which began in 2013 with the release of A Realm Reborn.

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