‘Final Fantasy XIV’ player uses a ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ duel disk to play the game

This controller is useless!

A Final Fantasy XIV player shared their experience from when they decided to mod a Yu-Gi-Oh! duel disk to function as a controller for the game.

The project was originally shared last month by creator SuperLouis64 on their Twitter (thanks Kotaku), where they showed off how a duel disk can be combined with a mouse and keyboard whilst doing dungeon raids. Apparently it took “weeks of work to get this to work” and it “was well worth it.”

Since SuperLouis64 posted a video to the r/ffxiv subreddit yesterday (September 6) their use of a duel disk in the game has exploded. According to the post, the duel disk uses conductive paint to interact with the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and when placed they give the corresponding party member in the raid a buff.

I modded a Yugioh Duel Disk to play AST! Draw cards and give buffs to your teammates by placing the cards in the right slot! from ffxiv



“Whenever the user draws on the duel disk it presses the macro to draw in game,” explains SuperLoius64. “For the next 30 seconds (since draw is on cooldown) doing the same motion will activate redraw. I wired up each slot to correspond to a party member so whenever I place a Yugioh card into the slot it gives the party member the buff!”

SuperLoius64 also uploaded a video to YouTube on September 3 that explained exactly how he made the duel disk work in Final Fantasy XIV, which is embedded below.



In the clips SuperLoius64 plays as the Astrologian, a character that throws around cards in the game (because of course). It’s also worth noting that none of this was accomplished via modding Final Fantasy XIV, instead it was all a custom peripheral and weeks of work.

For those of you concerned about the prospect of painting over expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, SuperLouis64 assured “I made sure these cards aren’t worth anything before I painted over them”.

In other news, it looks like future titles in the Yakuza franchise might take place outside of Japan according to Yakuza spin-off Lost Judgement director Kazuki Hosokawa.

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