‘Final Fantasy XIV’ summer Moonfire Faire event begins next week

Get your beach glamour ready!

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XIV‘s seasonal event, Moonfire Faire, will begin next week.

The Moonfire Faire is a yearly Final Fantasy XIV event that takes place on the beaches of the in-game location, Costa Del Sol.

This summer, the seasonal event will return, beginning on August 13 and running until August 26 and will offer brand new rewards for players.


As always, you’ll be able to start the event by searching for a quest; this year, you’ll want to look for a quest called ‘Unseasonable Chills’ in Limsa Lominsa from an NPC called Mayaru Moyaru. Talking to the quest giver will begin the Moonfire Faire event, unlocking the activities you need to obtain the new items from the event vendor.

This year, the Moonfire Faire event is offering Warriors of Light the opportunity to get their hands on a Polar Bear Mount, a furniture piece called the Moonfire Mask Stalling, as well as two tabletop meals called the Costa del Hielo and Grilled Corn.

To take part in the Moonfire Faire event, players must be at least level 30 with any Job class, so it’s recommended to have your character ready if you wish to take part on August 13.

Usually, for players who miss out on the Moonfire Faire event, Square Enix will add these obtainable items to its online Mogstation store as they will be unavailable in-game after the event ends.

Final Fantasy XIV recently surpassed its Steam concurrent player record once again, while EU servers are reaching full capacity. The MMORPG has received a massive increase in players over the past month, and due to its popularity, the game was unavailable to purchase on Square Enix’s US digital store at one point.


In other news, Square Enix has changed the icon for the upcoming Sage job in Final Fantasy XIV following player’s trypophobia concerns.

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