‘Final Fantasy XIV’ will let you be a mime for just $7

The emote is 25 seconds of solid animation work

Final Fantasy XIV has a new cosmetic emote that will let players become a mime.

As spotted in PCGamesN, this isn’t a job class or a reward that needs to be grinded, but a paid cosmetic available from Square Enix‘s online store.

The US$7 (£5.13) price is standard for most emotes, but this Pantomime is far more elaborate, as the showcase video shows a detailed and comical routine of the character being stuck in a box, jumping out, before falling back down, totaling around 25 seconds of animation.


“The quintessential act for any mime worth their salt!” reads the official description. “Become the entertainer you’ve always dreamed you could be with the pantomime act, and make any audience roar with laughter all without making a sound!”

For players looking for more substantial impact in-game, Final Fantasy XIV is getting ready for its Endwalker expansion, coming this November. The expansion introduces two brand new job classes, Sage and Reaper. The Sage job icon however underwent a redesign since it was first revealed after trypophobia concerns.

Final Fantasy XIV is expected at this year’s Tokyo Game Show during a Square Enix Presents broadcast scheduled for October 3, where producer and director Naoki Yoshida is confirmed to make an appearance, likely to share new details on Endwalker.

Players of the MMO can also currently take part in the returning Final Fantasy XV crossover event until October 18, where they can earn exclusive, limited-time rewards, including the four-seater Regalia Type-G mount featured in the 2016 game.


Elsewhere, an update to an FCC application made earlier this month suggests that Nintendo could be announcing a new game controller for the Nintendo Switch as early as this week.