‘Final Fantasy XVI’ is reportedly “coming sooner than people think”

The game has been in development for over four years, according to a key industry journalist

Final Fantasy XVI, the latest mainline instalment in Square Enix’s long-running series, is reportedly deep in development and will arrive “sooner than people think”, according to one key industry journalist.

On Thursday (September 24), Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier claimed during the latest Triple Click podcast episode that Final Fantasy XVI has been in development for “at least” the past four years and will arrive faster than Final Fantasy XV.

“I’ve heard from people who know the game, have worked on the game or are familiar with the game’s development that it’s actually been in development for at least four years in some capacity. So it’s coming sooner than people think,” he said.


Schreier also added that Final Fantasy XV might have set a terrible precedent”, citing the game’s long development time. “It was announced as [Final Fantasy Versus XIII] in 2006 and then took 10 years to make, so I think [the developers] want to shy away from that. It makes sense.”

Final Fantasy XVI
Final Fantasy XVI. Credit: Square Enix

Schreier’s claims have seemingly been separately corroborated by Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida. During a panel at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Yoshida revealed that the game’s announcement trailer was made using in-game footage and not “just a rendered cutscene”.

“I wanted to use resources that were moving in-game, in real-time,” Yoshida said, as translated by Gematsu. “If we released a pre-rendered trailer, they would say, ‘Alright, see you in 2035!’ I’ve seen those kinds of comments from America. So, we really wanted to show something that was actually in-game.”

Final Fantasy XVI was first announced during Sony’s PlayStation 5 event on September 16. The game is set to be the first mainline Final Fantasy game to be exclusive to a PlayStation console since 2006’s Final Fantasy XII.

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