‘Fire Emblem’ inspired ‘Dark Deity’ quietly released during E3

'Dark Deity' is on sale now

Freedom Games published a turn-based tactics RPG called Dark Deity that draws heavily on Fire Emblem. It is on sale on Steam and is currently on the top seller’s list.

Dark Deity is a turn-based tactics RPG that lets players develop their party of heroes by choosing upgrade paths and abilities. Each squad member has a distinct personality and will form bonds with other party members.

Dark Deity‘s steam page states that the game comes with “28 chapters of iconic turn-based combat scenarios and objectives that will put your tactics to the test” Each of these encounters will earn your part experience that will develop their skills in battle.


Each class has a promotion tree that enables new abilities and mounts. The total number of classes is 54, ensuring that each playthrough will be unique. Each class comes with different proficiencies and weakness, so each decision is meaningful.

All 30 characters are fully voiced, with over 400 conversations between different members. Each of these members can bond, creating different effects during combat.

Players can equip team members with “a diverse array of hundreds of upgradable weapons and spells to gain an advantage at the edge of battle.”

Alongside these are divine and ancient artefacts that will change the abilities and destinies of those that wield them.


Dark Deity is exclusive to steam and costs £19.49. It is currently 20% off, bringing the price to £15.59.

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