First ever Sámi game ‘Skábma – Snowfall’ shares April release date

A narrative third-person adventure, it should be quite the spectacle

Skábma – Snowfall has officially been confirmed for an April 22 release date for PC.

The first Sámi video game, the game is based on Sámi culture and stories. It sees players take the role of young Sámi herder Áilu as he aims to stop the corruption sweeping across his homelands. To do so, he has a trusty drum and some familiar spirits to help him out.

Áilu has to tackle a series of puzzles and platforming challenges, while exploring the world around him. A narrative third person adventure, Áilu has various special abilities thanks to elemental spirits. For instance, there’s The Owl which grants him the power of air so he can make soaring leaps. There’s also The Bear which allows him to alter the environment around him.


When NME interviewed the team behind Skábma – Snowfall last year, we were told “pretty much everything started with the idea that we want our protagonist to be the most powerful character in the community”. Because of that aim, Áilu is a fledging Noaidi shaman, considered to be the “healers and protectors” of their villages.

Overall, Áilu will have powers granted to him through four spirits as he negotiates various challenges. The game also offers cutscenes fully voiced in Northern Sámi.

Set for release on April 22, it is currently possible to add the game to your Steam wishlist.

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