First-person multiplayer horror game ‘Nemesis: Distress’ announced

It can now be wishlisted on Steam

Indie developers Ovid Works and Awaken Realms Digital have announced Nemesis: Distress, a first-person horror multiplayer adaptation of the Nemesis board game.

Announced exclusively via IGN through a reveal trailer, the game will take place on a ship that has been infiltrated by a deadly alien species called Intruders. Each player will receive an objective that is unknown to the rest of the participants, such as safely guiding the ship to Mars, destroying enemy nests, or simply killing other players during the game’s 40-minute matches.

Check out the reveal trailer below.


Players will select their characters from a variety of different classes, complete with special abilities. Tensions will inevitably rise as players turn on one another, second-guessing if they can trust their teammates. Players will eventually be forced to deal with two threats at once: The Intruders, and the other humans aboard the ship.

For fans of the Nemesis board game, Awaken Realms is currently crowdfunding campaign for standalone expansion Nemesis Lockdown on Kickstarter until June 18. The campaign includes a basic tier that allows backers to purchase Nemesis: Distress for USD$15, which is discounted by $5 from its eventual launch price. Moreover, all higher tiers for the project will get Nemesis: Distress for free.

Nemesis: Distress has not received a release date yet, but according to the Kickstarter campaign, delivery for the game is aimed for February 2021. The game is also currently available to wishlist on Steam for PC.

In other horror game news, the short-lived Devotion will be making a limited physical release comeback in Taiwan after it was pulled from Steam last year just a week after it was released to critical acclaim.

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