Fly the flag of friendship in the latest ‘Sea Of Thieves’ event

Build Favour with the Bilge Rats and share loot with other crews for rewards

Sea Of Thieves has a new event underway which encourages more friendly alliances to welcome the new uptake of players to the game.

Flags Of Friendship runs from July 1 11am BST to July 15 11am BST, tasking players to gain Favour with the Bilge Rats.

Defeating threats such as Skeleton Ships, Krakens and Flameheart’s forces will allow players to gain Favour. The bigger incentive however is to form an Alliance with another crew, which will earn additional Favour.


Earn enough Favour and Larinna will reward players with special Bilge Rat cosmetics.

The event also encourages players to be generous and leave a set amount of treasure items with another crew in order to unlock the Pirate Philanthropist Title as well as earn bonus gold.

A full list of challenges and rewards can be found on the official Sea Of Thieves website.

Sea Of Thieves has seen a surge of new players following the release of Pirates Of The Caribbean expansion A Pirate’s Life, which features iconic movie characters Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones, as well as its ships The Black Pearl and The Flying Dutchman.

Players have recently discovered another surprising crossover hidden in the new update.


The free update saw Sea of Thieves topping the Steam charts, with 63,069 players taking to the seas within 24 hours of launch.

Elsewhere, in a tale less generous, a new report details how a former Microsoft employee stole $10million worth of Xbox gift cards over the course of two years.

Volodymyr Kvashuk had been hired as an engineer to test the company’s e-commerce infrastructure. Instead, he exploited a flaw and used his ill-gotten wealth to buy a lakeside house, with plans for more extravagant investments before he was caught by federal agents.


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