Focus Entertainment acquires ‘Verdun’ developer Blackmill Games

Blackmill Games is launching its next title, 'Isonzo', this week

Focus Entertainment has acquired Blackmill Games, a Dutch studio best known for multiplayer shooters Verdun and Tennenberg.

Focus Entertainment is the publisher for games including Evil West, A Plague Tale: Requiem and Aliens: Fireteam Elite; while Blackmill Games’ latest titles include WW1 shooters Verdun and Tannenberg. Blackmill Games is also currently working on Isonzo, which launches tomorrow (September 13).

Following the acquisition, Focus Entertainment has clarified that Blackmill games will keep its name, and will continue to work on its WW1 Game Series. Christophe Nobileau, Focus Entertainment CEO, described the acquisition of Blackmill as “a great addition” to the company’s “federation of talents.”


“The studio has already shown strong DNA and identity, and has proven to be expert on delivering immersive, authentic, and realistic multiplayer FPS experiences with its WW1 Game Series – one of the references of First World War shooters,” continued Nobileau. “We’re looking forward to working with Jos and his team, and to continue delivering new unique experiences.”

Verdun. Credit: Black Mill Games

Meanwhile, Blackmill CEO Jos Hoebe said that joining Focus will help Isonzo “reach its full potential.”

WW1 Games Series will undoubtedly benefit from Focus’ track record on [the] FPS genre,” added Hoebe. “The fans of our games can expect the same dedication and passion that we have delivered the past ten years with Verdun and Tannenberg but elevated to new heights with Isonzo and this partnership.”

Earlier in the year, Focus Interactive acquired Leikir Studio, the creator of Metal Slug Tactics. At the time, Nobileau said that Focus is “constantly looking for new talents capable of growing and supporting the ambitions of our group.”

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