‘Football Manager’ player gets Guinness World Record for 416-year game

The four-century 'Football Manager' run includes 471 seasons and over 22,300 matches

Guinness World Records has announced that the longest single game of Football Manager clocks in at just over 416 years, with just 260 in-game days off.

As spotted by GamesRadar, on Friday (April 22) Guinness World Records revealed that a player named Paweł Siciński has achieved the longest-ever game of Football Manager, coming in at 416 years and 134 days.

Playing Football Manager 2018, Siciński managed his teams from 2018 to 2434, taking just 260 days off within that four-century run. At last count, Siciński’s record included 22,300 matches and nearly 59,000 goals.


After his world record was confirmed, Siciński took to Twitter to claim that his record includes 471 seasons, and says he’ll have “no problems” reaching 500 by summer.

Despite his achievement, Siciński reminded his newfound fans that “responsibilities in life are more important than records.”

The official Twitter account for Football Manager chipped in to say Siciński’s record was “taking the phrase ‘one more game’ to a whole new level,” and wished him “best of luck for season 500 and beyond.”

Though Siciński stuck with Football Manager 18 to achieve his record, the series has released several games since 2018’s offering – with Football Manager 2022 launching in November of last year.

In our four-star review of Football Manager 2022, NME‘s Jake Tucker said that although it “delivers a couple of great features and a couple of minor steps back,” it’s still a “compelling simulation of what it’s like to actually manage a football club, with none of the risk of accidentally doing a Big Sam-esque gaffe.”


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