Former ‘League Of Legends’ producers found new studio The Believer Company

The studio is working an open-world title and will say "no fucking thanks" to technology that doesn't improve games

Former Riot Games executives have raised £49.9million ($55million) to create The Believer Company – a Los Angeles-based game studio that plans to create a “next-generation” open-world game.

The Believer Company has been founded by former Riot Games vice president Michael Chow and Riot Games co-founder Steven Snow, who also served as executive producer for League Of Legends. Other leadership figures include alumni from the likes of Bungie, EA, Microsoft and Twitter.

Though the studio is yet to announce its first game, it has secured £49.9million in funding and will be “put to work building a world-class team to deliver a next-generation open-world game, anchored by an original IP, stories where player choices matter, and gameplay systems that bring players together rather than pushing them apart”.


League Of Legends mundo patch 11.18
League Of Legends. Credit: Riot Games

“The last few years have brought forward some very exciting technologies,” shared Snow in a press release. “In our world, where the player is the focus, our goal is to bring select technologies into the development and gameplay spaces explicitly for the betterment of our players and the games they love.

Snow continued: “Bringing free-to-play to North America and Europe with League of Legends really changed the landscape of how games as a service could work. It is our privilege to have the opportunity to help shape the future responsibly. And we are excited to say ‘no fucking thanks’ to the technologies that won’t make the game more fun.”

Chow added that The Believer Company is “actively seeking like-minded talent” to build a player-first work culture. “I couldn’t be more excited to begin this journey with Steven. He’s a loving, stalwart champion of players — at times viciously protective of their best interests. There’s no better flag-bearer for what we’re setting out to do.”

In other gaming news, Riot Games has unveiled the next playable champion coming to League Of Legends.

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