‘Fortnite’ is making “big changes” to the Support-A-Creator system

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said to "expect some big changes throughout the year"

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has shared that the Support-A-Creator system in Fortnite, which offers Fortnite users a way to make money from their projects, will be receiving “big changes” later this year.

As spotted by PCGamesN, on Saturday (April 4) Sweeney replied to a Twitter discussion that discussed how Creative users are compensated in on the Epic Games Store.

“Epic is working on Fortnite creator economy version 2 and 3 already,” said Sweeney, who added that players can “expect some big changes throughout the year.”


Sweeney then noted that although the “next few steps will be nice,” it will be “a longer road to the open metaverse”.

As detailed on Epic Games’ website, the Support-A-Creator programme “enables “Creators to earn money by creating content for Fortnite, Rocket League, and many games in the Epic Games Store.”

Creators accepted to the programme earn five per cent of in-game purchases made with their Creator Code. In Fortnite, this means that buyers can enter a Creator’s code when picking up things like V-Bucks.

It’s unclear what “big changes” Sweeney is referring to just yet, however, as the CEO was responding to criticism surrounding the low percentage of profits available to Creators, it could translate to higher payouts for Creators.

Besides these upcoming changes, Fortnite has already made some major changes to the battle royale in recent weeks. After the temporary removal of building proved to be incredibly popular, Epic Games has added a permanent Zero Build mode to the game. Although building has now returned to Fortnite‘s regular game modes, the Zero Build mode is now live.


In other news, the mysterious disappearance of Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory has been explained. The game was removed from the Epic Games Store just months after it launched, and recent court documents have revealed that it was due to legal trouble with Paranoia‘s creators.