‘Fortnite’ Season 8 could be getting a ‘Monopoly’ crossover

Collect 200 V-Bucks as you pass go

Fortnite dataminers have discovered a host of Monopoly-themed assets in the game files, suggesting that the board game will come to the battle royale in Season 8 Chapter 2.

As spotted by PCGamesN, dataminers have discovered cosmetics – apparently set to arrive in Season 8 – that feature all sorts of classic Monopoly figures. This includes older tokens like Battleship, Top Hat and Racecar, and newer ones like Ducky, Penguin, and T-Rex.

Overall, eight tokens have been mined and will likely be implemented as a back bling. Commenting on the alleged crossover, Epic Games partner Shiina has said that the leak is “so weird” and added that “no content creators seem to have gotten the items, no announcements, nothing”.


Due to the Epic Games’ relative quietness, Shiina suggests that the crossover will also bring an actual Monopoly mode as an LTM (limited-time mode) in v18.10. Fans will need to wait and see what comes of the Monopoly crossover, as Epic Games hasn’t commented on the data mine.

Earlier in the week, Fortnite featured a crossover with Balenciaga, a fashion brand based in Spain. As well as adding a variety of in-game cosmetics, the crossover resulted in a plain white Fortnite shirt with an asking price of $995 (£726). In terms of in-game content, the crossover added four new outfits and a variety of item cosmetics.

Epic Games has also confirmed that XP gain in Season 8 will receive “a variety of improvements” after the community has noted that XP progression feels much slower this season. The studio will share the changes it is making on September 28.

In other news, Blizzard has shared a first look at Bastion in Overwatch 2, who has received a “big rework” since the first game. In the sequel, his new skills will include a bouncing grenade and an artillery mode ultimate.